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Survival or Extinction, 

The OM Principles versus the Global Depopulation Policy 

part two, Follow the money

Monetary coercion has replaced military force as the means by which to move the world towards global unity and maintain international peace. This shift from military to monetary coercion took place at the end of World War II and is the result of the Bretton Woods system, more specifically the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Monetary coercion has three distinct advantages over military force: first, it does not destroy the physical infrastructure; second, it is an abstraction that makes it impossible for individuals and nations to take out their anger in the same way one could at an invading army; and third, it forces everyone to play by the same rules while channeling human effort and resources towards constructive rather than destructive ends.

In a world ruled by monetary coercion, by the neutrality of money, there are no rulers and ruled, invaders and invaded, but only partners in trade and industrial competitors. While not without victims and losers, monetary coercion is a far more elegant and a far less painful way to forge consensus and force cooperation than military force ever was or ever could be. 

 And since people and nations could never agree on anything, some form of coercion will always be necessary to maintain peace and stability in a world divided by cultural, political, ideological, religious and ethnic differences; until such time as these differences are swallowed up by a common global culture and a global central government.

After two world wars and countless previous attempts to bring the world under central control through military might, the earliest being Alexander the Great’s 4th century B.C. dream to unify the “ends of the world”, statesmen agreed in 1944, at the Bretton Woods Conference, to try a different method and settled on the obvious alternative, monetary coercion.

Immediately after, exchange rates around the world were pegged against the US dollar, which became the de facto world currency and has been used as such ever since, becoming not only the primary currency for international financial transactions but also the world’s principal reserve currency. 

 To engage in international trade, which is the fastest way to wealth and the only way to access needed natural resources, a country needs to buy dollars and operate through and according to the rules of a centrally-controlled financial system from which a nation could easily be excluded and thus isolated and impoverished.

Once the international architecture for monetary control was put in place the next step was to concentrate wealth into fewer hands so it could be used to pursue social engineering goals on a global scale. Global objectives require far greater amounts of money than national goals. 

People follow the money; therefore, a few people of great wealth could control the direction of society and indeed the world while the political establishments of nation states, beholden to financial interests, could pay lip service to democracy at the national level while at the international level capital could be used to forge ahead a global market, which would in time necessitate global governance.

Deregulation and economic liberalization ensured the formation of ever greater corporate and transnational entities and with them the greatest concentrations of wealth in history. Liberalization of trade made possible direct foreign investment and thus the transfer of capital and of manufacturing facilities from the developed to the developing world.

These measures shifted economic control from the national to the international arena and weakened the independence of nation states while at the same time strengthening economic interdependence between nation states. With this interdependence has emerged a sense of common destiny from the pain of political irrelevance for nations and economic upheaval for individuals.

The entire world is now tied at the hip economically and these shared interests make conflict undesirable which strengthens international peace and cooperation, as no one wants to see their own prosperity threatened. What could not be accomplished through military and political means, namely a sense of common interest, has been accomplished through economic means. We are all in the same boat now.

Economic prosperity, in the final analysis, makes political ideology, cultural norms and religious differences secondary if not redundant and this has contributed to the emergence of a global culture whose glue and common denominator are the economic interdependence of nation states and the individual’s universal wish to prosper.

But what are the underlying goals of this international world order achieved through monetary coercion? They are simple: peace and prosperity. To achieve these two goals, however, is anything but simple. How do you keep peace in a world divided into nearly 200 nations, each with its own narrow interests and set norms, each inward-looking and suspicious of neighbors, each beholden only to its own people and incapable of looking and acting beyond its own borders, each wounded by historical aggression?

How do you bring prosperity to all, regardless of culture, country, geography, climate, resources, politics, and religion? Most importantly, how do you bring peace and prosperity to a global population that is exploding and demanding the impossible from our planet?

Once you begin thinking in global terms you must leave behind old loyalties and notions.

This emancipation from the national to the global is as difficult as that from childhood to adulthood and brings to mind a beautiful Biblical passage: “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (1 Corinthians 13:11)

To undergo this evolution from the national to the global, from child to adult, we must put away childish things, the things and notions of the past and look only to the future, to what we have in common and to what can unite us further. We are required to leave the comforts of old behind and take a leap of faith into the unknown. There is no map to follow since no one has been there. Yet that is our only possible destination; our only future.

The direction has been set by the natural evolution of civilization from smaller to ever greater social entities. Taking the leap from the national to the global is the last stage in our civilization’s evolution. It is dictated by the fact that we have reached the ends of the world both literally and figuratively and now we can only grow into each other as the luxury of undiscovered continents is no longer available to us.

Every inch of this planet is inhabited by man. Every natural resource is used by man. Every other species on earth displaced by man. There is nowhere left to expand except into one another, into each other’s arms. That is why nations are merging and divisions disappearing.

The visionaries, whom we now deride, vilify and demonize as globalists, elitists or illuminati – whoever they may be – have evolved to the level of understanding and cooperation needed by a global society. They have forged ahead because we have refused to follow them into the unknown. We lacked the courage and the wisdom to see the inevitable and embrace the future.

So they are dragging us behind them by our hair because those who are left behind will perish as victims of social evolution; a mother every bit as cruel as natural evolution. There is no reason why we, the common folks, cannot walk with them into the future shoulder to shoulder, as equals.

If we rise to their level of understanding coercion will be unnecessary. If they rise to our level of compassion cruelty will be unnecessary. I know we can do it, if they, and we, abandon the belief that we are too stupid for our own good and need to be cheated and forced to do what is necessary and difficult rather than be educated and convinced to do what is right and logical.

I trust that even the dumbest among us can grasp the reality and see the logic of our unavoidable common future. I trust that even the greediest and most arrogant bastards among them can be humbled by a superior vision of the world and will voluntarily submit to the superior intelligence of our greater compassion.

As things stand, their mind is divorced from our bodies and our society, as a result, is at war with itself for it is soulless. It is the goal of the OM Principles to give soul and character to our newly emerging global civilization. The elites have acted as midwifes. It is up to us to wash away the blood from its wrinkled body and to nurture this baby at our bosom, or else it will die of neglect and with it so will we, for this global child is our future, our only future.

The tension between them and us make us into each other’s obstacles to progress and threatens to deteriorate into outright war.

Before anyone accuses me of being an elitist spokesman or a populist fool, let me say this. I seek neither fame nor fortune, neither the favor of the rich and few nor the adulation of the poor and many; I seek only to do what is right by our children. For while I dislike the arrogance and cruelty of the rich and powerful, I dislike equally the cowardice and pettiness of the poor and weak.

While I detest the manipulative and deceitful ways of our leaders and the media, I abhor even more the willingness of the masses to be manipulated and deceived. The mess we are in is the result of this gap between the elites and the masses. Unless we close this gap and do it fast, our world will go up in flames. It will go up in flames because what we have to do requires that we walk in unison and do so bright-eyed and voluntarily. What we have to do cannot be done by force or by deception. What we have to do is love our new world, and love it enough to want to sacrifice for it, to be proud to sacrifice for it.

What could be done by force and deception has been done. Continuing on this path is pure folly. Why? Because the medicine has become more deadly than the disease.

Those of you who have done your homework and read Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy will know that since 1945 the international community has pursued a desperate policy of population control by covert chemical, biological, psychosocial and economic means to bring total fertility rates across the world down to replacement level by the year 2000, ensure the global population peaks at 9 billion by 2040 or 2050 at the latest, and then gradually decreases to sustainable levels over the course of the next century.

The consequences of these covert poisonous and destructive methods have been terrible, as the genetic and intellectual endowment of mankind has been severely damaged and downgraded, while the fabric of society has been torn apart and brought to near collapse. Those who remain unconvinced by Killing Us Softly can read my book Chemical and Biological Depopulation for cross-disciplinary data on covert fertility depressants.

Peace and prosperity cannot be achieved in a world of finite resources if the population grows at natural levels and doubles every 30 years. The world cannot possible survive a doubling from 7 to 14 billion, when we cannot even adequately feed and clothe and house the existing population. We are in a catch 22 situation and while we have been trying to catch our tails we have come closer and closer to the abyss. We are now on the edge looking down into the void.

We have come to an impasse. If we, the people, do not emancipate to a global consciousness and voluntarily restrict our families to no more than two children the elites will have to continue with covert methods and terminate 90% of the existing lineages in order to save the world from destruction by overpopulation. Almost 25% of western genetic lines have already been terminated by six decades of covert poisoning. Once a lineage is shut down it is shut down for good and not even God will be able to bring it back.

I have sacrificed my life to ensure that people make this leap. But if people fail to take an interest and prefer to seek refuge in ignorance and apathy, then I will fully support the annihilation because that is the only way to safeguard the continuation of the species and the health of the planet. It is the lesser of two evils.

Those who are incapable of seeing the writing on the wall or who refuse to face the reality because it is too harsh and requires sacrifices forfeit their right to perpetuate their seed. It is that simple. Even within my family this line of division is clearly established between those who can and have made the leap and those who can’t or won’t make the leap. And as much as I love my family members I cannot save them from their own stupidity or apathy. They can only save themselves. Many have chosen not to and have instead turned their backs on me as though that will do them or their children any good. For all intents and purposes humanity is now split into two groups: the enlightened and the unenlightened.

Never in my wildest dreams or darkest nightmares could I have foreseen such reluctance to accept the truth; such blatant refusal to ignore the reality, such stubborn and irrational disdain for the messenger. I assumed that the facts speak for themselves, which is why I have assembled them in two concise books: “Chemical and Biological Depopulation” and “Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy”. But apparently the truth is beyond the abilities of the majority unless that truth comes delivered through the official channels of the mass media and government.

People would rather deny the obvious and die denying than accept the possibility that the world around them is a lie and an illusion constructed to see them gently into oblivion. If the truth does not come from official channels then they don’t want it. Telling them otherwise is as futile as trying to teach monkeys algebra.

People are far more fragile and vulnerable than I would have imagined. Many simply cannot handle the truth. They take refuge in denial. But governments cannot protect them. Governments have tried to use scientific methods but these methods suppress human fertility in the first and second generations subjected to them but by the third or fourth generation human fertility is completely shut down and the ability to procreate is lost forever. Science has failed and in the process history’s greatest atrocities have been committed.

The unenlightened have chosen to pretend everything is as it should be and are continuing as usual. They refuse to see that everything they do is being turned against them. Because only man can stop man, the elites have socially engineered the system to converge all wealth into their hands, wealth that is being used to usurp our wellbeing for that is the only way to stop our families from thriving and us from procreating.

The money necessary to accomplish this global task can only come from the intended victims, who without their knowledge and consent have been harnessed to furnish the means to their own destruction. Not even cattle are that stupid.

Having embarked upon this course, the elites themselves and the governments they populate have acquired the same unwillingness to accept that they are committing genocide as the common people who are too fragile to accept the truth that their freely-elected governments are poisoning them to infertility and have been doing this scientifically and with the greatest care for the past six decades.

Our elected officials are hiding behind the United Nations and the technocrats and scientists of the United Nations and its agencies are hiding behind the self-taught lie that they are merely diminishing fertility not shutting it down entirely. Were they to accept that they are terminating the human species they would have to commit suicide. But as long as they can lie to each other and pretend that they are merely limiting human fertility they can go on justifying their miserable lives. And so humanity is in self-destruct mode. On auto-pilot towards annihilation.

The bitter reality is that whoever is in power, regardless of political ideology or culture, religion or morals, has no choice but to adopt population control. At this point in history population control is more important than anything else which is why the international world order revolves around it since the end of World War II and why leaders as diverse as avowed populists Fidel Castro of Cuba and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, or bloodthirsty dictators Augusto Pinochet of Chile and Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran, or freely-elected western leaders from Churchill to Obama have freely adopted or at the very least tolerated one form or another of covert sterilization.

This is an earth-shuttering truth and few seem to have the courage to face it. Yet face it we must if we are to force our governments and the international community to legislate population control rather than proceed covertly. To succeed in legislating population control we must have an alternate plan for ensuring peace and stability in the world than the existing one that is based on monetary coercion. And this is where the OM Principles come to the forefront.

The elites who have been in control of the world since the end of World War II have replaced military force with monetary coercion, a substantial improvement, and war with covert and involuntary sterilization, also a substantial improvement. The OM Principles, if adopted, will replace monetary coercion with conscious cooperation, and covert sterilization with overt and voluntary population control. The evolution therefore is from military force to monetary coercion to conscious cooperation; and from brutal war toinvoluntary covert sterilization to voluntary overt population control.

Conscious cooperation is only now possible, the path having been opened by the international infrastructure set in place by the elites through monetary coercion, infrastructure that did not exist prior to 1945. It is only now that we have the technology to communicate with one another from one end of the globe to the other at virtually no cost and in real time. Without such modern means of communication it would be impossible to forge the informed consensus necessary for conscious cooperation. Equally,overt population control is only now possible, the path having been set by the covert depopulation efforts of the elites that was the only option available prior to the world being capable of acquiring a global perspective and developing a global consciousness.

All we have to do now is democratize the system of international governance, which is a political action; homogenize the distribution of wealth and labor globally, which is an economic action; and promote a global and borderless civilization based on common denominators, which is a cultural action. The OM Principles endeavor to do just that, for only then will we be able to maintain peace and stability in the world without a substitute to war that involves covert sterilization.

I will begin with the five OM Principles dedicated to economics and explain only the first in this article. They are:

Proportional Income and Equal Taxation
Strategic Development by Human Need
Industrial Cooperation not Predatory Competition
Work as Right not a Privilege
Hand and Head Work for All

I have formulated the first economic principle as follows:



The income gap will be addressed through universal rules and firm legislation that tie the highest earner to the lowest in every industry and between every industry, be it private or public, at a ratio of 1 to 10 and through proportional wage increases and profit sharing programs across the board and equal taxation limited at 25% of income. No more CEOs or bankers who earn 600 times an employee’s salary. Exorbitant profits at the top will be replaced with prosperity for all by legislating that the highest earners cannot bring in more than 10 times what the lowest earners bring in.

The purpose of principle one is to distribute wealth in such a way as to enable a just and equitable society that maintains economic efficiency and encourages creativity and initiative without leading to great concentrations of wealth that are toxic to democracy and incompatible with the principle of equality among men.

The elites have had no choice but to create multinational corporations as that was the only way possible to enable capital accumulations large enough to bulldoze their way into national economies. Equally, they had no choice but to impose free trade agreements as that was the only way to destroy national protections and eliminate tariff barriers and investment restrictions that stood in the way of trade liberalization and thus prevented the transfer of wealth and industry from rich to poor economies, without which the developing world could not acquire the technology and capital necessary to reach the standard of living and know-how of the developed world. Without such equalization of wealth and know-how the gap between the developed and the developing world could not be closed and peace and stability could not be maintained in the long run.

This transfer of capital and industry is necessary not only to bring development to the developing world but also because western nations have stabilized their populations and economic growth is no longer possible in the stagnant and saturated societies of the rich world whose ageing people demand services not goods. The economic woes we see today in the West are the result of the demographic transition accomplished through covert methods of sterilization.

The shrinking nations of the West could no longer put their capital to good use and that capital has been transferred to the developing world where covert sterilization started a lot later and the demographic transition is only in its incipient phases. The populations of the developing world are still growing and with them so are their economies. It made perfect sense to transfer manufacturing to the growing markets of the developing world and leave services to the shrinking markets of the developed world. It is thus the Global Depopulation Policy and globalization go hand in hand.

But now that we have a global market, capital is free to go anywhere in the world, and nations have become for the most part irrelevant the time has come to begin a different reallocation of wealth by regulating how much money can be earned. The policies that have facilitated such great concentrations of wealth must now be retired and replaced by policies that facilitate a more equitable distribution of wealth so that neither rich nor poor exist anymore but only a high and a low middle-class.

This can only be accomplished if wage increases or decreases are proportional within and between industries and thus the highest and the lowest earners are tied together into a pay scale that does not allow the highest earners, those at the executive level, to earn more than, say, ten times the salary of the lowest earners, those on the assembly line.

Income must be proportional between industries and not just within industries to ensure that no industry prospers to such an extent as to render those employed by other industries poor by comparison.

Profit sharing programs and equal taxation, set at a maximum of 25% of income, will further ensure that no wealth differences occur either within or between industries and professions. And if income is equitable to begin with, no great wealth accumulations can form that could then destabilize democracy as is currently the case due to special interest groups. Nor will income redistribution be necessary through onerous taxation. A simple tax code will in turn prevent manipulation and would make it impossible to hide money, as no loopholes would exist.

Yes, this system of income distribution would impinge on individual ambition and would prevent the satisfaction of flamboyant dreams of wealth that sets one apart, but at the same time it will enable the eradication of poverty and will lead to a just society and to peace and stability during this difficult transition from a world of nations to a borderless world.

This system also allows income differences large enough to accommodate individual striving and reward personal accomplishment. Short such flexibility, the lazy would drag the industrious down to their level, as has happened in communism; an experience.


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